Wednesday, November 3, 2010

{from loss into light}

Do you remember me blogging about our little pupper Lucy? Also referred to on here as Bubbles? She died on Thursday rather suddenly after experiencing a heart attack. It's been hard this last week, missing her. Gosh was she just a goofy personality. Always in your business, smiley, romping, and VERY independant. She loved people and loved popcorn more and spent most of her day surrounding one of us girls if we were home from work or studying for class. She'd cozy right up next to you on the couch and just spread out and sleep, her little ears flipped over and this amazing grin on her face like her life was made. Just makes me smile and makes me miss her. Especially in the morning when I would be up all by myself getting ready for work. Although she'd almost always be in the dead of sleep I'd slip next to her quietly and plant a kiss on her little white withered cheeks and squeeze her tight and off I'd go on my way and always say that I loved her and would see her when I got home. She was always very expressive and would usually open her eyes just a bit, smile always and then go back to sleep. And she was always there waiting for me when I got home. Barking, bouncing up and down so excited to see me. I'd give her a BIG hug and then she'd wattle off on her way to go and chew her chewy. So there's a big hole left. An empty hole... that only her little smiles can fill. =) But us girls are getting better and now we can rest in her little memory and in what a huge goof she was. That ALWAYS makes it better. Besides, twelve years in doggy days is an OLD LADY! Very old. =)

So how is everyone out there doing? We haven't had anymore snow since last week, although the temperatures wouldn't tell you any different. It's been CHILLY! Whew! The low at night or at least by the end of this week they are promising will be 22 degrees. Talk about painfull cold goosebumps! =) I asked my sister Ashley on the way into work and school today what she was going to do with all her beautiful winter wear once she gets to Florida. Her most dramatic reply? "I will have a huge bonfire and burn it all while I dance and sing around it." Whoa. See... we are VERY different from each other. I don't even mind the darkness that comes when it starts getting dark at 4:30 in the afternoon. Doesn't bother me one bit. I love the coziness and being bundled up and going away into my cozy house and sleeping. Here I come ALASKA! LOL! =)

Okay so have you ever had one of those experiences where you look back on an event in your life and go, "What the FLIPPIN heck was I thinking?" Well this morning my coworker and I were laughing about undergarments... you know... those lovely slimming things that suck in all the rest of your fat? Well, I was remembering a time when I watched my grandma and mom prepare for a special outing, must have been a family wedding. The process of watching this as a young woman was absolutely horrifying! ROFL! Looking at forty and sixty year old women do that to themselves is NOT pleasant. So needless to say when I became adultish I remember thinking that I had to have the whole undergarment ensemble that THEY had. So on went the control top then the Spanks on top... whoa. Not okay. And lets just say, I don't think my blood was even able to circulate. LOL! =) So in my attempt to not be so pleasently preoccupied with women's undergarments I very emphatically exclaimed that it wasn't going to be for THIS ADULT. Isn't THAT freeing? Not for this adult. Oh NO! Yay... walking out my steps of freedom. Big smiles. =)


Jack said...

Every time I look back at a photo of myself in the 80's I think "what in the world was I thinking!"

Sorry to hear about the passing of your furry little companion. The loss of a pet is always a sad moment :(

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