Sunday, October 24, 2010

{pretzels and root beer}

Football Sunday. It's kind of a big deal around here up in the Midwest. Or maybe just Duluth. Actually, it isn't really kind of. It's like IS a big deal. Makes me laugh. I didn't grow up in a very sportsy family. Having two younger sisters and a dad that wasn't really too into it kept me pretty sheltered. I must confess though. I think that I am must absolutely finding out that I like it alot. Sports I mean. And just a couple really. The televised ones... like hockey (gasp) and football (double whamy GASP, oops, almost choked on a pretzel there. Cough... sputter. Whew.). My family thinks I'm insane and thinks for sure that I am turning in a really bad direction... I get what draws people in to it though. The fellowship of cheering for a team that you are ALL passionate about, the food (who can really say more there) and an excuse to have a party night especially now when the weather is so grim and the only excitement is doing a few laps around the local strip mall. Let's just say, NOT too fun. And gosh to just make my point like I did months earlier when I declared that NOT listening to country music is almost being unpatriotic (another new found excitement in my life, that is, country music) I must say that I almost feel the same way about not enjoying a sport as well. Only, I feel that way for myself. =)

So, downing more root beer and pretzels as I salute to being a niave sportsy! YAY! =)

So back from Bingo at St. Michael's Catholic church in EAST Duluth, not West. Oh for pity's sake. THAT was an episode. Let's just say that you can go to infinity and beyond in both directions in Duluth. East one way for miles and miles on end and West one way for miles and miles on end. Who knew that there were TWO St. Mike's in Duluth and that the one I most certainly thought it had to be was the one in West Duluth. Man did that make me just crawl with blotchy fever.... (Oh, I have noticed that whenever I get flustered or unnerved or just plain exaserbated my neck starts to blotch up like it has a case of red freckles or something. Weird and totally NOT fun looking. Anywho, moving on.) So, let's just say that between four different texts of said exaserbation I made it to Bingo in the very cold POURING rain a whole half an hour late and my ladies were already there, seat secured, ready to while away the other two hours bingoing. Let's just say that I didn't know Bingo could be so sophisticated. They had all kinds of patterns and designs and rules. None of which I have ever seen. I guess I am what you call an old granny Bingo player (thanks Grandma for NOT telling me that Bingo could be so fun). And I did. I had a blast and probably laughed harder then I should at the most inappropriate times because I didn't always pay attention because I was looking over here and looking over there and then Leslie, thank GOD for Leslie, had to keep me on target otherwise I would have been off my rocker in more ways then one. Oh and you want to hear something really strange? They had bowls not only full of cork bits and rubber parts, wood, and buttons but popcorn kernels. There again, horrible laughter and then Leslie and I were sure that it had to have been something chewed up and spit out from some old geezer who just had popcorn and was sucking the last bits of salt from the kernels in the bottom of his bag. Oooooo... chills. That is just ICKY!!! But whose to say that the imagination isn't right... at least sometimes. ROFL! ;-)

Ramble, ramble.

Oh and the sadest news? So I finally picked up the scarf that I started crocheting two years ago and finished another skein and realized that the yarn I need to finish the rest of the pattern is not even made anymore! HOW sad. So what do I do? Throw out what I have? Save it in hopes I can find the extra skeins I need online (already looked EVERYWHERE) or just try to make something out of it by substituting with a different yarn? Okay, so in case I have any interested crafters I am looking for Caron Bliss Yarn. Ugh... big pout. I was SO excited to actually finish a project. So excited. I should probably just toss it out. It would have been so cute when it was done. So I think I will go yarn shopping tomorrow and see what I can spy. Or maybe there is something comparable that I am not even aware of. That could be too. Hm.

Ramble, ramble.

Happy note? In five days I will be celebrating my half birthday. You know, the time in the year when you are one half older. I am rather excited. =) People think I'm nuts. I really don't do anything special or anything. I just think about how cool it is. 26 and a half. I enjoy getting older. Is that bad? I really really do. Like getting taller. Although that is kind of a dead wish in my case. I am stuck wheres I at. =) Five foot five. Why couldn't it have been something like five foot two eyes of blue or something? Nope. Just plain five foot five eyes of green. Doesn't really gel. At all. Bummer. Oh well. Looks like I am in a category to myself. And doesn't that just sound horribly conceited? ROFL!

More pretzels and root beer. Ooo, my tummy is all bubbly now.

Oh and almost forgot to mention... the play. South Pacific at the University of Minnesota Duluth. It was good, but the talent was FANTASTIC. Let's just say that the lead male singer that plays the French plantation manager Emile de Becque almost sounded better then Rossano Brazzi from the Rodger and Hammersteins version. And his French?! OH MY GOSH! SO good. Let's just say that as far as I know he would have passed me in Paris and I wouldn't have recognized the difference. Goosebumps. Major ones.

So for all being said and done, this was a fun weekend. Now if it would just make up its mind and snow I would be on top of the world. =)

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Oh and before I forget... Go VIKINGS! WooHOOOO! =)


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