Wednesday, October 21, 2009

{let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!}

I know... a little sickening maybe but I love snow and today, right now it is snowing like well.... cats and dogs. Big, fluffy pom pom sized snow pluffs falling down. Beautiful! Makes me want to run outside and just stand there in absolute wonderment over the miracle of falling snow. I couldn't live without it and I am pretty sure that if I did try it would make me super sad. I love it too much.

Letter to Papa Stephen:

I hope you are feeling better! Does it snow in Scotland? I heard a newsreel the other day that Moscow is going to be using the Red Army to eliminate snow fall in the city. They are going to do this by shooting the air around the city with some chemical-like substance that will make the snow into rain, therefore eliminating the high cost to remove all that snow. Sounds kind of strange and I should say dangerous to the people, having all of that chemical stuff in the air just to save 2 million rubels. But, that is how it goes I guess. Here is the article on it if you are curious.

The average Duluth, Minnesota snow fall is 78 inches. Quite a difference from Moscow's 24 or so inches. I mean that is nothing. What are they complaining about? Hahah! I also heard that they use some pretty horrible chemicals on their streets that can kill dogs and cats if they happen to walk and lick their paws afterwards. How sad.

All, of us girls miss you Papa Stephen. Hope you are feeling all better! Just a couple months before we see you!

Emily =)


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