Saturday, September 19, 2009

{feeling much better...thanks}

Sheesh... yesterday was kind of a bad day I see. Sorry if I worried any of you. Man, with all this full time work and full time school, I am feeling a little run down and not quite myself. So I shook myself back together today and me and my sister Laura went down to Canal Park (my favorite place in the whole world) for a nice walk on the board walk, snooping into some fine antique stores, and going up to the Northen Waters Smoke Haus for my favorite sandwhich, the Cajun Finn. LoVe that sandwhich! Hmmmmm... mmmmm...mmmm.... oh, and a root beer for good luck. LOL!

The weather is soooo nice and warm too. Unusual for us for this time of year. Actually, the fall leaves haven't even really started to peak either which means that we are in for an Indian Summer and a nice warm winter, which at this day in time, I will not complain about in the slightest.

Watched a really good movie last night. The True Life of Bees starring Dakota Fanning. Man that girl can act. She definitely has a really great future instore for her and I can't wait to see what other films she pops out as she matures. She is always so captivating and true to life. Every film I have ever seen in her has really made me think. She feels things so intensely and passionately that you can't help but feel that maybe what you feel and express isn't really even real. Strange I know, but she makes me feel jealous, the way she can express her feelings.

That really reminds me. I really need a digital camera where I can take pictures of my adventures and travels and post them for all of you to see. You can't do that with your polaroid camera and being that I am scannerless for a while, you won't be seeing any pictures from me for a LONG time, which I must be completely honest is NOT okay with me in the least. Hahaha....

Well, I hope you have a wonderful rest of of your weekend everyone. Oh, and thank you for your kind words regarding my earlier post. I am okay... just had a really bad case of the blues.... I will try not to let that happen again. I hate feeling that way.

Thanks again!


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