Wednesday, September 9, 2009

{back and forth and back again}

I'm back again, I hope, well at least I think I am. Back to the way things always are to be done. Here at work, home, and well, school.
The leaves are beginning to fall from the arms of the ones who held on to them tightly. I wonder what it is like for a tree to lose its foilage. Does it know? Is it sad? I think it would be... especially since there are no more secrets to share together in the starry moonlight. No more strong winds to shield each other from, and no more reason for little birds to find safety in its bareless branches. Very sad indeed.
But I have good news this morning. Well, exciting to me anyway. Don't we all have this love hate relationship with money? Well, honestly these days I think I hate it more. Only because there seems to be less and less of it to go around. But today, after contacting the bank I found that yes, my student loan did go through and yes, there will be no more hold on my account to start fall classes this Thursday. There was some major and irritating jumble of events that caused me summer financial aid to never be processed. So here I am one day away from attending class and I find out that my summer financial aid NEVER went through. Talk about a heart attack waiting to happen. Or at least an ulcer. But after talking to our VERY helpful banker folk, they righted the issue and now it looks like the hold has been released and I am now AGAIN, registered. Bahhhh.... What an ordeal. Seriously.... So that is my happy news. Yay!

Hope your day is filled with happiness!


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