Tuesday, June 30, 2009

{when I almost died: tuesday madness}

You've no doubt heard of Monday madness. Well, I am going to tell you a thing or two about Tuesday madness, my Tuesday madness. So buckle up and get yourself ready for a ride. I love telling a good story.... Ready?

Okay, so haven't you ever been so excited before that you thought your little heart was going to jump right out of its protective cage and shock the living daylights out of you? Well, I can be just that excited sometimes. It can be painful... if you know what I mean. So today is one of those days. Do you remember me telling you that last week we had a tactical drill at the place I work to get ready if we were ever to experience a shooting? Well this last week was just one of those days. And ever since then I haven't been quite right. I don't know why for sure... okay I do, I lied. Imagine induring four hours of shooting guns, running and falling on the floor, screaming and all in the most utterly horrid get-up that you could ever imagine. Yep... of all people they picked, I was a head wound victim. A very fatal head wound victim let me remind you. They put so much putty, fake blood and smeared bruise looking stuff on my forehead that officers that have been in the field for years said that it shocked them when they first saw me because I looked very much like a lot of the suicide victims they happen upon on real calls. Comforting isn't it? Not so much. So how does all of this happen to relate to today? Glad you asked. Well first of all, I feel like a walking target. People are asking me how it felt and how it feels to know that I am most likely the first victim of any kind of crime at our work. Not even better.
So this is where my little story starts and this is where my little heart almost left me...

A loud bang today down the hall from a construction project sent me racing down the hallway in a terror and I shreiked and my male coworker came running as well (silly boy) and said, "What you runnin' for? Are you okay Em?" Well obviously not! I wanted to retort back in my panic...but being the soft spoken kind of girl that I am I just sucked it up and walked back to my desk with a smirk on my face as I brushed a way a beed of sweat. Honestly, how embarrasing and how scary at the same time. It is sad when you have to think of exit strategies out of your office just in case "someone" goes postal on you. Very sad, but then again it makes you aware of how strong you really are and that if anything were to happen you just hope that you are quick on your toes and able to pray too! One of the things that have recently gotten people really upset is the whole possibility of death and their role in it. "Doesn't it upset you that you could die?" I get asked now almost on a daily basis. "Yes," I say back, "But I also know that if it is my time it is my time and if it is going to happen God will take care of me and I am okay with that." I get these really confused looks and then they ask "Why?" Because I know the God I serve wouldn't take me out until it was my time. But I know for certain that I haven't finished everything that He has called me to do so I am pretty sure that I will be around for a while." At that they just smile and often times turn on their heels and are on their way. Whew.... So that is my Tuesday for you.... Anyone having one of those days? Please, do share!


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