Friday, June 19, 2009

{Renaissance Faire in Twig, Minnesota}

One of the dashing knights and little fairies!

Sir William on his noble steed.

Sir Scott on fearless Meghan!

A lovely vendors tent, selling fairy wings and garlands of flowers for your hair.

Sweet bunny. There were baby farm animals all over!

Some of the performers sang songs for the guests entering the fortress.

I had the greatest time ever at the Twig Old World Renaissance Faire last weekend. Here are some photos to give you an idea of what it was like. The only real pity is that the pictures of myself didn't turn out at all becomingly so unfortunately I will have to pass on this one. However, if you would really like a taste of the faire check out the link and get your fill. The Faire even made an appearance on MSNBC!
My favorite parts:
drinking a wee bit of Mead
savoring Scottish Eggs, Haggis, and cheese and onion shepherds pies.

The music was fantastic! There were bagpipes and whistles, lutes, and drums. Vendors galore and I even purchased one of these leather mugs for my new papa in Scotland. But my favorite thing of all time was being wooed by Monsuier Paris. There was a wooing contest of sorts among the young gentlemen to woo the fairest maidens of the faire. He was very handsome and would tuck little tokens of affection, in this case miniature roses into my long curled hair. I dressed in costume which made it all the more wonderful! In a downpore he actually came around and cradled me in his cape. Ahhhhh! ;) it was quite the experience and all in good taste (no funny stuff for me, mind you). Lovely! I wish everyone could go! Can't wait for next year!


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