Monday, April 27, 2009

{in the blue light}

It has been a stormy week here in Duluth. Thunderstorms and off and on rain clouds have kept little fragile sheaths of grass smiling as they thankfully sway in the cool spring breeze. Grape hyacinths and tulips are finally starting to push up from the frozen ground. A couple of hours north of us they had snow this morning.

My sister and I went to the NoRtHeRn wAtErS SmOke hAuSe, located in the DeWitt Seitz Market Place, to grab our favorite lunch time sandwich, a Cajun Fin, which is a lovely combination of smoked salmon in between a ciabatta roll, dill creamed cheese, and pickled red and yellow peppers. A tantalizing treat for any small town girl. Then we decided on a walk down the peir and were met with the frozen mist of the lake as we tripped along, our hair blonde and curled, auborn and straight, waving around us widely. It was a good feeling. It felt free and unburdened as we kicked rocks along and mused about the silly shore birds galloping into the waves and then back unto safe land again.

We visited FaThEr tImE antiques where I found a rare package of polariod film. I wish I could share some shots with you, but my scanner is on the fritz. I have wanted to share with you my favorite of the last few months.... and who knows maybe I will even share a self portrait (gasp!).

With the sky so melancholy lately it hasn't been the best for taking pictures. The sky has emitted a blue light of ever increasing storms. I am yearning for the sun to shine again. It seems lost in its cloudy travels. I look up into the dense firmanent and squint, hoping to see just a glimpse of what might be a ray of sun. Yet, all I see is the occasional very sweet and delicate strands of a rainbow high up, never to descend. Sometimes it makes me feel trapped and alone. Not too alone, for I know there are others trapped in a sunless world like I am.

Us Little Women talked the other day about taking a summer vacation to somewhere warm, out of the way, with white sand beaches, where star fish are, and where the sun never hides. I want to feel warm again, and unburden myself from these heavy layers of cable knit sweaters, long underwear and woolen liners. Even little Lucy finds fault with the weather and never seems quite content laying on the cool, damp, brown grass. Yet, before we know it, summer will be here, last about a month and then autumn will be knocking at our doors ready to burst into color.


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