Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Friday!

Snow storm coming! YaY! I love snow storms so000000 much! This one is promising a foot of snow! Imagine! A whole foot! I can't wait to post pictures on that one. It is supposed to start Saturday night and into Monday. My computer has been "chirping" all day with weather alerts, kind of irritating!

Last night I had our choir concert! It went beautifully! I sung my little heart out and definitely felt it in the morning (nothing a little hot tea wont fix right up). I have been on the go this whole week and am finally starting to feel a little run down. After work today I am supposed to go ice skating with my friends from church but I just don't see how I can do it. I have two finals to work on, a case analysis, and did I mention a paper that I haven't even started? I know... I'm ashamed of myself! Other then all of that and being so cold I thought my face was going to freeze off this morning (18 degrees below zero!) I am pretty super! How is everyone else doing?

Thanks for all of your comments and emails about the marshmallow recipe! They are quite a hit at my house too! Glad to hear you like them!


M Ayers said...

Its still pretty warm here in AZ, and with the little chill I feel COLD. I do not like the winter at all, and yet we are moving to OR this week. Goodness, your post makes me scared of that weather!


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