Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blessings Abound

I told you all yesterday that I would have a little something to tell you regarding the picture in my last post. Well, hold on to your pants becuase this story is going to, well.... absolutely shock you!

As some of you who have followed my blog may know, four years ago I lost my Father to a heart condition. It was devestating to our family of little women. Not having any close family or support, us girls became so close that tearing one of us away from each other would have meant instant death. We are just has the little family of girls in Little Women are like. Close, loyal, resiliant, and strong.
But there was such a whole that gathered after that event and us women knew that our little mother needed someone. Us girls vowed to each other that we would not go on with our lives until we knew that our mother was going to be taken care of. Who knew that three years later someone very special would come into our lives and heal our mother's heart.
Now if only you knew my mother! Oh her dear heart. She is the sweetest and most genuine person you will ever know. She has a true servants heart! Being a stay at home mom who taught us girls all of the lovely things of life: how to be strong women and still maintain our sweetness and above all how to love whole heartedly.
So along comes prince charming who just happens to be from Scotland! She is engaged and planning to be married some time this spring and moving permanently out to Scotland! She just spent two weeks there with his family who love her and adore her as much as we do. Remember when I went to Florida this summer? He took us there on a family trip to get to know us girls. We instantly fell in love with him and are so excited to call him our Father! So the big news that I have been waiting to tell you about is that he is coming here for Christmas! My heart is so filled! He is landing at the Duluth Airport a little after 6:30 tonight! It is still very warm in Scotland right now so being in Duluth at this time is going to be very shocking. In fact, this Friday another huge snowstorm is coming! 10 inches or more of snow! He has never seen snow like this before so it will be a real treat to share it with him. Right now in fact my MSN weather update is telling me that it is 46 degrees in Glasgow Scotland right now. A far cry from our minus 5 degrees.
We are preparing our turkey dinner for tomorrow and all of our sweets and treats. He will be with us for two weeks! Two whole weeks being a complete family! It will be so wonderful!
I pray that you all have the most merry and brightest Christmas ever! I know that my cup runneth over with blessings my heart could never have imagined.
I will be checking back with you on Friday with an update! Merry Christmas and Blessings Everyone!


~ Lucy said...

That's wonderful news! I wish you and your new family well. Happy New Year!

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