Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Middle of the Week Post!

Wednesday! Don't you love the ring of it? There is nothing that quite compares to knowing Wednesday is here and you are half way through the week. So how is everyone? I bet all of you mothers out there are busily scrambling around trying to find your last minute costumes, decorations, and candy. I can tell you right now that the whole event is going to go completely by me! I will not have the time or the materials to get it together. That is okay, Halloween was never a big deal at my house anyway. Us girls were always too afraid of it and when we lived in the country we had spooky neighbors anyway (LOL).

Here are some lovely things to share with you! I just happened upon this blog today and had to post! The Cherry Blossom Girl! Here is one of her images below. It makes me almost wish for summer again!


Linn said...

Love that photo, and we are still having summer right now (90 degrees plus!) And you're right, I have two black widow costumes driving me crazy trying to get finished right now!

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