Monday, October 13, 2008

Duluth Right Now

This is what my weather looks like today. I must say in all seriousness that I envy those who can have a nice sunny fall without all the wet and foggy days. But maybe that is what I get for living so close to Lake Superior. The bridge in the distance is the Aerial Lift Bridge and the peirs on either side seperate the land from Park Point Pennisula (seen on the right of the photo). Up close is the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center or DECC where they have one of the loveliest ball rooms. There is also a stadium inside for hockey games and larger events, like when guest performers come like Riverdance or Country Western singers.

Well, here is off to a lovely, if not wet, Monday!


Linn said...

Just goes to show that the grass often seems greener on the other side! We've just finished a HOT heat wave and I'm so relieved to have a little cooler weather today. I wish we could trade places if only for a few days!

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