Monday, August 11, 2008

Honey Glazed Beehive Cake

I have always been in love with honey. Honey bees, honey combs, honey, sweet honey. Over on the farm we actually made our own honey from clover flowers. It was a very exciting process because it took a great hunt. It consisted of white clover flowers, purple clover flowers and wild rose petals. It always made the most beautiful sunny jar of sweetness ever. In a recent online dictionary search, honey is described as anything that is "pleasing or excellent of its kind." So when taking it easy this weekend I began to think of all those things in my life that are like honey, pleasing and excellent and how I should live a pleasing and excellent life and expect those things in my life as well. So to give you a pleasing and excellent gift, here is a new recipe from Martha Stewart from her summer magazine. I haven't as of yet been able to try it out but please let me know if you have. It looks utterly divine!

Image courtesy of MSL


Linn said...

I can't believe you picked this photo from Martha, as I just felt like I had to make it the moment I saw it in her magazine (to which I'm a loyal subscriber.) I haven't tried it either, but it sure is cute!

Emily said...

I know, isn't it just adorable? I haven't seen anything like it either. I know that Williams Sonoma actually carries the mold for the cake. I will be posting that later today on the blog.

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