Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Morning Smileys

Good Morning! I never have Monday blues. I guess I am really strange that way. I get to work and everyone is huffing and puffing about it being Monday and I just roll my eyes behind their backs. I consider Sunday the beginning of my week and I always, always have good Sundays. I wish everyone could feel that way too. Mondays are the days that you can be thankful you have a job to go to and earn money. Monday is a day you can wake up being thankful that you made it over the weekend alive and that you can live another day. Mondays are wonderful. Well at least that is how I am looking at it. Sunday is the beginning of the week on my calendar is it on yours?
Photo Courtesy of Samantha Lamb Photography


Linn said...

What a great attitude to have. Being an at home mom, I have to admit to a bit of a bad attitude on Monday mornings, when hubby goes back to work and I'm the one to clean up the weekend's mess. Getting a babysitter on Monday mornings has helped. Reading your post helps, too. Thank you!

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