Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Friday!

Leaven on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again.... mmmmm mmmmm mmmm. Yeah I'm a leaven on a jet plane to lovely Orlando in August! I haven't been on a vacation in four years and honestly I really need it, seriously! Today on my way into work my sister took one look at me and said, "Hey Em, you are starting to look transparent, I think you need some sun." Duhhhhh. Yeah I really do. I am very fair, although not so fair as to be able to see blue veins in on my forehead or anything (shudder) but I am fair. I have naturally pink/reddish lips which I get from my very German/English Grandpa John my mother's father. Hey you want to know something fun? Another guy who had some pretty famous red lips was Peter Paul Rubens the Flemish Baroque painter of the Renaissance who I'm incidentally related to. If you look at his self-portrait you will be looking right at my Grandpa John Adams. Cool uh? Here is a picture of him with his wife my very, very, very, very, very great Aunty Isabella Brant.
Okay so back to the trip... see how easily I can get sidetracked? OMG! So yes in the middle of August I am going for a whole week to Orlando to spend time with my mom and sisters. I am planning to do some before and after shots of my skin so that you can see how truly white I am. The last time I was in Florida the people kept on wondering if we were from New Zealand or New England because we were that different. And it didn't help matters when you would answer them back with the Minnesota accent (Anybody watch Fargo, yeah....) well so you are totally not one of the bunch at all. Instead of saying "yes" we say "yah" and on and on. It just doesn't come out quite right I guess. So needless to say we got some strange looks. Shoot... and here I always wanted to just blend in, instead of becoming a Southerner's worst eye rolling nightmare. Actually now that we are on the topic of Southerners I have a little bone to pick. So last week for work I had to pick up this visiting speaker who was from Georgia. Oh and she wouldn't let me forget the fact that she was from Georgia, the cream of the crop and all. Now I come from Minnesota and when it says we are "Minnesota Nice" they aren't kidding. I would say we are the friendliest people on the face of the earth. I had to restrain myself from getting a little heated feeling. But this lady! Oh my goodness! She was sooo rude, to us "Northerners" as she said it. Heck, if she had her way she would be the first to set charge to a canon and get the Civil War going again because as we both knew "you people" as she said lack "class" and "civil upbringing." I think she was just having a bad day right? Then she started on how she was one of the original descendants from the May Flower and that she didn't even know where "are type" came from... what is it "emmigrated" yeah I couldn't believe it. That was the word she said than it was followed by..."from like some God aweful place,"and on and on and on. I couldn't wait to drop her off at her destination. I have met many other people from the South and have never been treated like that before by one. So sad. So she was having a very, very bad day. I hope I haven't hurt any feelings! My Great Aunty Nancy is from Ohio and I love the people from there. I love everyone really! I don't hate anyone! Just ask anyone who knows me. Wow... this post has gotten a little longer then I had expected it to be. Maybe this one should go under EMILY 101. Well I wish you all a wonderful summery weekend!


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