Thursday, May 15, 2008

What is it about warm weather.....

...that makes everyone soo crazy! This is our second day of above sixty degree weather and everyone is freaking out. Honestly! Sickly white bare skin should not be shown guys, really! It makes me kind of sick as they drive shirtless in their little vroom, vroom cars going around like big hunks. Really it is so terribly horrible! It should be against the law. It really should! You are driving and alongside you comes one of these cars with one of these guys. They peak their head out the window with their aviators on and expect you to drop at their feet, when really your jaw has dropped and you are seriously in harm of getting in an accident because you are being blinded by their white skin. Just take my word for it. Anyone who lives in the Northland will get what I am talking about. Anything above forty degree weather warrants shirtlessness! Humph... HELP!


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