Thursday, May 22, 2008

Artisanal Cheese for Lunch

I love tasting different cheeses. Maybe I find this a fine outlet since I don't favor swirling around wine goblets. Instead, I like to host cheese teas. Fancy china and linen come out to show case fine cheeses accompanied by poached pears, crusty French breads, marmalades, and mouthwatering teas. I find that drinking hot teas with cheese really develops the flavor. The cheese melts in your mouth and it is such a more lovely experience then dealing with a strong alcohol accent. It is kind of a specialty of mine. For dessert, I always pair the ending of the meal with a dark chocolate torte or champaigne truffles. Hmmmm. My mouth is watering already. Here, Domino has a great starter for you. Have fun creating your own cheese lunch!


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