Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Allergies.... Humph!

I hate allergies. I never had them until I turned 16, where I had a severe alergic reaction to a boquet of roses once, spent a stint in the ER, nearly died and now I can't even look at a birch tree, eat an apple, or even think of touching a garden flower without the fear of completely welting out. This is a painful realization for someone who loves spending time with flowers and gardening. Actually one spring I looked exactly like this poor little gooser here. The only way I could walk outside was with wearing a pair goggles so that the pollen wouldn't get into my eyes. Not kidding one bit. Ask my sisters and mother. Needless to say I have a love hate relationship with spring. I think I more hate it though then love it in any way. I love the warmer weather and longer days but that is about it. So sad isn't it? Yeah... but don't cry for me... okay you can but please just don't let me know. I already know how much I'm missing out on. So to fill my void of flowerlessness I put some money into buying orchids. Oh I did really well with them. Infact I did so well my Mother was threatening me that if she saw another plant she was going to throw them out along with me! LOL! Well anyway my green thumb only lasted for a season and my orchids started to die off. I asked my orchid aficionado nieghbor nextdoor and she blamed low humidty, cool temperatures and not enough air filtration and sunlight. Bahhhhhh....She on the other hand had the house orchids dream of. Sunny, airy, moist and well .... lovely. It was depressing. I was no longer the orchid lady and I no longer had a lovely flower to soothe my broken flowerless spirit. So what am I supposed to do now? I don't know. I can hear alot of you saying try a flowering cactus. Nope... Can't stand dry stuff. Maybe I could try moss. Just kidding..... Well if any of you know of any good house plants that actually work please let me know. I would be so excited about it really!


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