Monday, April 14, 2008


Well the storm didn't hit nearly has terrible as we thought. Although my workplace was shut down on Friday (yeah three day weekend!) because of the white-out conditions we were all, especially me disappointed by the sheer lack of excitement. We got somewhere around a foot a snow, had extreme wind (I was afraid that one of our old birch trees was going to fly through my bedroom window that night) and freezing temperatures. But nothing notable really happened. The last blizzard we had lasted for three days non stop with extreme wind, snow, and lightening and thunder. In fact the wind was so terrible that you couldn't even stand up when you walked outside and it sounded like a shrieking woman. During the day the sun was hidden by very dark clouds and only occasionally was a sickening hint of green. Strange I know, but when you see a green sky around here run for the dickens because you can be pretty sure you will be experiencing some horrible weather really soon. My only concern right now is about my little bulb flowers that were just starting to come up. Infact they are under quite a bit of snow right now. Poor darlings.

So a weekend recap would go like this. Friday, couldn't believe I got to sleep in one more hour! Cleaned the office out and got rid of all those darn Elmer Glue Sticks that were dried out solid. Went through all the markers and crayons and threw out a bunch of old school papers that I have been holding onto for six years. I was a little panicky about it, but then calmed myself down when I realized that most of it was on a memory stick anyway so if I really did need it again I could just copy it off. I had a pile that was two feet deep! I eliminated the whole thing except for my syllabi which I kept for future reference from every class I ever took.

Saturday, watched two movies: The Black Swan with Maureen O'Hara (a good old romatic pirot movie) and Northanger Abbey (The new version from Masterpiece Classis. I just can't get enough of that Mr. Tilney, what a sweety). Did a whole bunch more cleaning and tossing out. I was desperately trying to find what I could live with and live without. I hate junk and am by no means a pack rat. In fact, I think I might get too crazy and throw out too much. Awe well... I usually have my sisters at this time digging through my bags of garbage and Goodwill stealing what I threw out only to end up getting it back anyway because they find out that they really didn't want it and tell me that it was mine in the beginning anyway so I should throw it out (a second time, very irritating!).

Sunday... finally got out of the driveway after waiting all day to have it plowed out. Us girls are really strong and usually do all the shoveling ourselves (mainly for excersize) but after looking at how much there was and how heavy it was we decided to hire out. Glad we did, especially after having to shovel out the next door ladies drive-way anyway. Sheesh.... Made a really fine purchase at T.J. Maxx. A turquoise leather blue purse from Italy knocked down from an original price of $260 to $99. Couldn't pass it up and I was so excited to get a brand new spring purse.

So that is pretty much my weekend. Besides all the other normal things like washing the floors, doing a pile of dishes, dusting, toilets, and cooking. Whew! I am ready for another weekend of rest. Smile*


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