Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I am in a little panick....

Moving to Scotland has got my mind spinning. Don't get me wrong however. I can't wait to go and be with my extended family. But I am just a little concerned, they don't have peanut butter in Scotland. Shoot me now! Okay I am a little hysterical. I admit it. I love peanut butter. Actually it is my only comfort food, only indulgence, and absolutely only thing I love to eat as a treat. I am not a chip person, not a candy person, not even a drinker person. But I love it and even worse they (maybe not all) but most Highlanders do not, and I repeat do not like peanut butter. How terrible. One of my favorite ways to have peanut butter is with chocolate. I love Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Only they don't have peanut butter cups in Scotland. In a brief state of panick I called my sister who just said, "oh" and I was like I can't believe it! But lo and behold I found an online site called the Sugar Stand that sells all kinds of candy in bulk. Thank God!!! So about every six months or so I will have to order a box! Whew!

There are a lot of things though that I will not miss while living in Scotland. Like having to drive everywhere. I love walking and being that we will be in a small town I will be able to go practically any place I want to on foot. The roads are quite notariously bad in Scotland. Who cares though when you can travel by train to your destination or even better by carriage. I am thrilled, can you tell?


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