Friday, April 4, 2008

Finally Discovered My Style!!

Woohoo! I am so excited! Growing up I was the eldest of both sides of the family. I was the trail blazer, the first born, and the experiment. I had many different people on both sides of my family showing me what style was. However, even though I tried and mind you I tried very hard, I could never fit into their style. I wasn't LL Bean, floaty romantic, into a linen craze, or an eco green freak. Instead I had a style all my own and according to others very different and something that must be tamed. I loved bold colors and eclectic lines, chunky necklaces and outrageous cocktail rings and handbags. Even though I pulled it off well and was always asked where I got my clothes or accesories, my family would often give me the look of "O-k-a-y. That's just her." But over the past weekend I accidentally received a magazine from Anthropologie and ooed an awed over all the pages. "Here!" I said, so excited bouncing around. "This is me you guys!" I think they finally got it! Whew. So now that I have finally found my style and can call it so in such and such terms I have a little problem, a money problem. Have you ever in your whole life seen how expensive Anthropologie is? Oh my goodness! Awe well. At least I have a palette to work from. So any way. Just had to share with you what I look like when I am running around town. This picture above even gives you what my hair style is, but of course I am honey blonde. Ha!
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