Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Good Friday! Spring...ummm?

Happy Friday Everyone!

Gosh, again, what a crazy week! My supervisor has been gone all week and I cannot wait until she comes back Monday from sunny Florida. Although I musn't complain because I love my job, but I have a coworker that takes hour and a half lunches and walks off from her desk whenever she wants to and is gone at half an hour intervals. Not because she can or that she has anything important to do but she is just visiting other people in the building that she has been friends with for years. Now honestly, I really don't care what she does. The only time it becomes really difficult is when I need something that only she has over in her area and can't get to it because it is locked or has been placed in anther area. Ughhhhh.... Does anyone else out there deal with difficult coworkers? I know I am not the only one. But this one doesn't even care if she gets the whole closed door treatment and warnings. Whew! I would die if someone had to confront me on my absence from my desk especially when I knew I was supposed to be there. Awe well.... so it goes.
So yesterday was the first day of spring and oh what a beautiful day it was too! Sunny with a little bite in the wind from off the Lake. Today I must say I feel so horrible for all of those who live two hours south of us. The Twin Cities is getting 6-8 inches of snow! Can you believe that! Happy First Day of Spring! Gosh! Well I hope your Good Friday is wonderful!


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