Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dream: My Own Flower Shop

Since being a small girl I have dreamed of having my own flower shop. I love flowers! The whole process, of planting them, tending to them and watching them grow only to see them curl back in the cold winter winds and try to bring them back to life in spring time again. I found this lovely photograph from photographer Alison Gootee. And with the little water boots there in the corner I couldn't be in more heaven. I love water boots and spent most of my time on the farm in a nice pair that I couldn't for the life of me take off because I was so attached to them. Can you just see me in my Anne of Green Gables prairie dress tromping through the fields with my diasy basket with my water boots on? Love it!


Anonymous said...

i hope you can set your own flower shop soon.

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