Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is the day when all lovers and wanna be loves receive and pine over what they didn't receive from their significant others. I must say that although this year I am yet again single I am happy to be the on looker of those who do receive the most beautiful and deserved love. Valentine's Day has never been a sad one for me because I usually spend the time with my girlies who all at this time are single as well. We all buy each other gifts, make a special dinner and dessert and watch a romantic movie like the Notebook or Braveheart. But this year since it happens to be a Thursday night we are going to be watching LOST. I don't think it will be very romantic but who could miss an episode especially when there is so much to miss! Tonight we are having asparagus soup and venetian bread along with a heavenly brownie cake with heart sprinkles. I promise to take a picture and share it with you. So happy, happy beloved day to all!


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