Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Duluth, Minnesota Right Now

It is really cold 37.2 degrees in fact. It is rainy and windy and walking into work today the air is so chilly that it made my nose tingle. But this is the absolutely best time of year, hands down. That and winter. Bemidji which is a town an hour north west of us is under a snow advisory for tonight. They even expect us to receive some snow tonight at the temperature dips and the rain continues to fall.

A little history for you. Back in the Halloween of 1991 we had a huge blizzard that completely wiped the city and towns around here senseless. It was crazy with tons of feet of snow and bitter cold winds. I remember it very well as a seven year old. We were on the farm and we needed to be plowed out by one of our neighbors. It was crazy and I remember my parents being just a little freaked out as they were experiencing their first real winter storm in the country, on a farm, away from civilization, really alone. It was crazy. I will scrounge up some pictures and post them for you. Honestly, I hopet that we get another storm like it. It would be wonderful!!


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