Monday, October 1, 2007

Back and Forth

So here I am again and wow!

Some things I have found out about myself this last month:

  • I hate procastinating but find that I always end up doing it anyway! Ugh!

  • I love fall more and more every year and wish it lasted forever!

  • I am a very simple person, whom I would consider easy going, can-make-something-out-of-anything kind of girl.

  • Definite home body. The more I am away the more I want to be home.

  • Love being with my family. Maybe that goes under the home body one. Hmmmmm.....

  • Love being self reliant but love having someone watch out for me too.

  • Can't wait to be done with school. Heck I just started my Bachelors. Sheesh... ... ... (what am I thinking!?!?!)

  • Love making home made soup, especially anyone that has a good broth. Chicken noodle, boiled dinner, hamburger, etc.

  • Love finding myself everyday. It can be hard sometimes finding out who you are and even harder to remain true to yourself once you find it.


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