Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Foggy and Beautiful

Summer has finally hit the Northland and all of us "white" people are trying to get a decent looking tan before the cold winds start coming in August. Two months of summer is all your looking at when you live in Duluth, Minnesota. Save for the cold weather and occasional foggy and rainy days, Duluth can be beautiful. Take for example the Aerial Lift Bridge down in Canal Park. It is beautiful and very old fashion. From my house I can see part of Lake Superior and hear the Lift Bridge's horn calling back to all sea ships that come in to unload their cargo when coming in the bay. I love Duluth for all of its small town charm and quiant coffee shops on the lake. It makes all of those rainy days feel worth while. Instead of grumbling when those thick fog clouds start rolling in (and when I say rolling, you really can see it rolling) I pop in my favorite Jazz artist like Chris Botti, pull on my cashmere sweater and socks, take out one of my favorite Charles Dickens novels, and sip on a hot cup of rich hot cocoa. Believe me, it makes it all worth while.


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